About Us

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History:  The church was started as a mission of the Kearns Baptist Church in the Salt Lake Valley in the summer of 1959. It became a self-sustaining church the following year. Through the years, the church has started other new works as well as supported mission endeavors around the world. Buildings have been constructed in three phases and a total of twelve pastors have served the congregation. 

Purpose:  The church exists to exalt the Savior, evangelize the sinner, and equip the saints (believers).

Statement of Faith: The Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the basis for statement/practice of our faith. The church supports the doctrinal statement of The Baptist Faith and Message. We band together as a body of believers in Jesus Christ, personally committed to sharing the good news of salvation to lost mankind.

Church Covenant: We covenant together to live a Christian witness with our Lord and His precepts as our example. We strive to conduct ourselves in Christian love and walk humbly before our God, to strengthen ourselves through daily prayer and reading of the Holy Bible, to love each other regardless of individual circumstances, and to tell others of the love and saving grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Church Organization: In accordance with the five functions of the early church as presented in Acts 2:42-47, this congregation is organized around five main areas: outreach, training, ministry, worship, and fellowship. The goal is to follow the basic model of the first century Christian church in accomplishing God’s purpose here.

Church Government and Affiliations: The government of the church is vested in its membership. It is subject to the control of no other ecclesiastical body. Insofar as is practical, this church cooperates with and supports the Salt Lake Baptist Association, the Utah-Idaho State Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Ordinance of Baptism — This church shall receive for baptism, any person who has received Jesus Christ as Savior by personal faith, who professes Him publicly at any worship service, and who indicates a commitment to follow Christ as Lord. Baptism obeys the Lord’s command for His followers to be baptized; it presents a picture of His death, burial and resurrection; and it declares what has occurred in the life of the believer, as he/she has died and been buried to sin through Christ’s forgiveness, and been born again in their new life by the grace and power of the Lord’s transformational salvation.

The Ordinance of The Lord’s Supper — A symbolic act of obedience whereby members of the church, through partaking of the bread and fruit of the vine, commemorate the death of Jesus Christ and anticipate His second coming. The church practices this ordinance on a quarterly basis; not too often as to become ritual or commonplace but often enough to remain special and serve as a motivational reminder of the sacrifice made on our behalf.


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